Pre Primary

Curriculum For Nursery And K.G

In school, the children enjoy circle time or free conversation which involves various activities. For instance, 'A Journey through an ocean of thoughts' which helps the children build up attention and create a platform for creative thinking and expression. With their eyes closed they go into space or a Jungle. Later they express whatever they’ve seen mentally. Then there is a ‘Show and Tell’ activity in which children bring objects from their home and talk about it in the class.

We have dialogues between characters. For instance, if the theme is ‘Home’ then children depict their Grandmother or Grandfather or Mother or Father. Puppets are used to help in this expressive technique. Dramatization, in which the child articulates his thoughts, exchanges ideas andinformatissson in the class with the teacher and the peer group, opens a creative portal in their mind.

The Morning Assembly is an integral part of the day in which stories, songs, rhymes, puppet-shows and skits are included, where children and teachers are active participants. Every child is given the opportunity to take part in the ‘Assembly’ over a period of time to enhance and build up the child’s confidence.

A child’s potential can be channelised though a component called “Learning By Doing”. Various means are used, such as cutting, pasting, coloring, free hand drawing and a number of other activities. The free hand drawing is not just lines and symbols, but the child’s expression of his thoughts which he/she may not be able to put into complicated words like we adults. These are simple stories told by the children. Children are not directed with the use of crayons. Every child’s drawing is appreciated.

Music and Movemments

Children enjoy rhymes and stories where they sing and dance along with the music played in class. They recite rhymes happily and listen to stories and in turn begin creating and narrating their own stories too. This component builds up listening skills, enhances rhythmic movement, language, physical development and also imaginative skills.


Children go for nature walks around the school, play on the swings, run races and so on. Observation, patience, language and listening skills are developed.

Children love visiting the playroom where they are free to choose and play a variety of games, whether it is in the doll house or playing with kitchen sets, beads, blocks, puzzles or simply sit and browse through picture of story books. Skits are also organized in the playroom. Different situations, such as enacting a social gathering like a birthday celebration or playing ‘GHAR GHAR’ are encouraged.

We also organize trips for the children. They are taken to the rail museum, zoo, garden of five senses, etc. Besides enjoying themselves, they develop observation skills, listening skills, social emotional and communicational techniques.

A recalling activity is performed with the children when they come back. They draw whatever they had seen and done. It’s going to be fun learning experience for you too.