Curriculum for classes 1 to 5

The curriculum which is being followed in the classrooms is the result of a very laborious process of dialogues, meetings, workshops amongst teachers and also the outside faculty consisting of experts in the field of education. The curriculum developed retained the development perspective which began at the pre primary stage which focused on:

  • Introduction of age appropriate tasks which help children to get a feeling of success.
  • Total development of the child which prepares the children to acquire reading, writing and arithmetic skills with less stress and in a more joyous manner.
  • An integrated approach to learning by providing a variety of expressions such as dramatization, story telling, learning by doing, exploring different medium of art and experimentation in the activity room.

Main Features

  • De-emphasizing text book centered teaching-learning.
  • Creation of an activity room to facilitate free and creative expression by the children.
  • Equal weightage to intellectual, socio-emotional, physical and motor development.
  • Reorganizing seating arrangement in the classroom for greater interaction and personalized teaching of each child.
  • Continuous evaluation of learning through a variety of method.
  • Continuous dialogue with the parent fraternity.
  • Involving the grandparents in providing a wholesome development to our children.
  • Using the library as an effective means to improve reading, speaking and hearing skills.
  • Senior children as ‘mentors’ provide other dimensions.