Curriculum for Class 6 to 8

The Middle school years are the most formative years in the life of the student. It is therefore very essential that these years be used to instill in the child a love for learning and their curiosity.

The curriculum frame work follows the National Curriculum Framework document that is adopted by NCERT. The main thrust is on “learning by doing”. A lot of emphasis is given to activity based learning modules, as opposed to Rote learning. This will consolidate the learning pattern and make it more permanent in nature.

We follow a pattern of Cumulative and comprehensive evaluation where there are no year end “examinations”. The students are reviewed and their progress monitored on a regular basis. Every week a ‘clubbed period’ is incorporated in the timetable where the student is allowed to experience different modes of understandings, either through guided “learning sheets” or some group or individual activity. After a few learning sheets, they are given a ‘review sheet’ which is an extension of the learning sheet without the guidance. The teacher monitors and maintains a meticulous record of the student’s progress. All this is then translated into grades.

The students are also encouraged to participate in other activities like Games, Music, Art and Computers to give them an all round personality. The SUPW is a platform given to each student to explore his/her potential.