There is a global trend towards formal approaches to primary school education.


In the competitive context of Indian schools, many of us opt to provide our children with an early head start on formal education. But in this rush we all forget that each child is a unique personality whose capacities differ from those of his other classmates.


In this respect Gyan Bharati School has introduced its unique methodology of “activity methods" or "the play way methods" of approaching pre primary and primary education. Activity work of the kind mentioned has been done by the team of teachers carefully and with methodical planning. Here teachers use intellect, imagination and instinct in the presentation of new materials, in the daily lessons and in assessment.


Here in Gyan Bharati school, teacher begins by observing pupils in various situations and then assesses to record their learning styles. This helps the teacher plan lessons and assists individual pupils with specific problems, by presenting the information in a way that corresponds with their learning style. It creates an opportunity for pupils to use their strengths to build up their weaknesses and gives each child an opportunity to experience success and be motivated and creative in their own way.



(Mother- AARYA ROY  K.G. - C)